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February is LGBT History Month therefore I had to put together a playlist inspired by some of my favourite LGBT musicians and even found a Throbbing Gristle track I like!

Share your Top 5 LGBT artists or songs with me by scrolling to the bottom and leaving a comment.

Here are some of the songs and musicians who got me through 2020.

What Are Your Top Songs of 2020 that got you through? Give me a Top 5


Here is my book of the moment, “The Icarus Deception” by Seth Godin, where he challenges the accepted meaning of the Greek tale of Icarus who flew too close to Sun and argues it’s been used as a means to limit our potential. I know I have been guilty of being so afraid of flying too close to the sun that I forgot I was too close to the water below as he reveals many of us in fact have. This book helped changed that. No more fear of being remarkable or simply being mediocre. It helped me realise that in my profession of tech recruitment there will always be other agencies and recruiters who are faster, smarter, cheaper than me but what I have gifts such as compassion, connection and authenticity that are just as important. I am me and that is unique. Listen to Seth read an extract below.