Who Am I?

Hi I’m Tim. A Brit, tech recruiter and rebel soul, based in Frankfurt for the past 10 years.

What Do I Do?

I connect tech and data talent to empowering employers primarily in the form of permanent and contract recruitment services.

How Do I Do That?

By building a community of Tech and Data talent who are looking for a different kind of experience and interaction with a recruiter. One that is authentic and caring, but also driven by connection and sharing things that are important to a community – shared values and interests. Being part of this community, I am able to match talent and employers together.

So What Are My Values?

My personal values are Connection, Achievement, Creativity, Discovery and Respect. Some sound better but they’re not who I am.

What If Your Values are Different To Mine?

That’s cool. I would be amazed if your personal values were exactly the same. However, please know that the values I would like to have in my interactions with others are Respect, Empathy, Trust, Honesty and Enjoyment. Now you know. If you don’t value these then best look for another recruiter, there’s plenty out there.

What Are My Interests?

Music, Film, Books, Art, Travel, Football. All of these things have inspired and continue to inspire me. I’d like to share them with you – that’s what a real community is, people living together in a space sharing things in common – so let’s get to know one another better. Check out the Inspiration page if you’re curious.

That’s All Very Nice But Can I Recruit?

Well, yes. I have been recruiting for over 13 years for various global recruitment companies, 5 of which were recruiting in Tech, 10 years of which have been spent in Germany and even won awards for it all – one of which they categorised as being the best at it in the whole of Europe, though this was judged purely on profit I made. You can see my journey here.

Still Want To Know More?

Here’s an interview I did with Startuprad.io – the world’s only English speaking internet radio station devoted to the German Startup scene.