Every startup wants to hire the right talent, right now.

But your flight window is narrow.

You need to take off or you’ll be left behind.

But your company is like your home

You need to be careful who you let in

What Are The Impacts of a Wrong Hire?

€18,000 wasted on average per bad hire excluding hiring fees*

37% drop in productivity so others have to do more work**

31% decrease in quality of work which your users will feel**

Designed a recruiting service to solve this.

It’s called DVR.

Data and Values based Recruitment

* US Department of Labour estimates av. cost of bad hire is 30% of salary – in Germany the av. IT specialist earns 59,000 Euros according to Glassdoor. The total cost is probably even higher in Germany given the 30% employer costs on top of employee salary

** Career Builder article on survey of over 2,000 hiring managers in US in 2017