Dear community, here is some music, books, films and series that have inspired me. Football just keeps me sane.


The summer has come and gone but the songs that soundtracked it will always trigger our memories of the time and what we did. Here are some of mine.

February is LGBT History Month therefore I had to put together a playlist inspired by some of my favourite LGBT musicians and even found a Throbbing Gristle track I like!

Here are some of the songs and musicians who got me through 2020.


Have you been been guilty of being so afraid of flying too close to the sun that I forgot you were too close to the water? This book helped changed that. No more fear of being remarkable or simply being mediocre. It helped me realise that in my profession of tech recruitment there will always be other agencies and recruiters who are faster, smarter, cheaper than me but what I have, gifts such as compassion, connection and authenticity, are just as important. I am me and that is unique. Listen to Seth read an extract below.

Films / Series

As a father, you get exposed to things you wouldn’t ordinarily watch. Luckily I was exposed to Luca by Pixar. A beautiful film about acceptance, friendship, loss and discovery set in the magical town of Cinque Terre in Italy. It’s great to see such topics being tackled in films aimed at young audiences. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Some people will never accept you but you will find your people. You just have to look for them and sometimes that means having the courage to venture out of your comfort zone to do so. Ignore the self-doubt, say “Silenzio Bruno!” and go for it.


The Bundesliga is a weird and wonderful league that is somewhat impenetrable to non-German speakers and not widely reported outside of Germany. Therefore as a Football Fan living in Germany following the Bundesliga me and some friends decided to start a Football Podcast about it in English.